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Miguelito has always been a trusted brand in folklorico foot wear.  I paid around $64 for my pair at Olveritas Village at Olvera Street in Los Angeles.  I am really excited to use them at my rehearsal on Tuesday.  I will write a review on them after my rehearsal.  In the meantime, which brand of folklorico shoes do you prefer and why?

DIY Costume Accessories

A lot of folkloristas I know design their own headpieces for their costumes. For my DIY for my headpiece, I dyed the flower turquoise and added turquoise glitter from puffy paint. It is beautiful, but different. It adds sparkle to any costume which requires flowers. I prefer this look for a huge show with an audience that prefers seeing over the top explosion of color and pizzazz. I am unsure if the traditionalists will care for this too much.

University Folklorico Summit

I will be attending the first annual University Folklorico Summit on February 15-17 at UCR. I am so excited to spend an entire weekend talking about my passion folklorico through an educational standpoint. In addition to, I am on the committee to help bring the summit to life. I am the co-coordinator of social media. I am currently handling the summit’s Facebook, twitter, and blog. Pretty soon, instagram and youtube will be added to mix. In addition to, I am one of the emcees for this year’s summit. Chris Sandoval, a fellow CSUF student and I will be leading discussion forums and rallies for the participants. If you are interested in signing up, click here . Registration costs $4o.
I cannot wait to meet all my fellow folkloristas!